Homework Policy

The discharge of homework is essential to the beneficial participation/progress of students in school.  It complements the teaching/learning activity of the classroom, enhancing levels of understanding and retention as well as boosting confidence in the subject.  This ultimately finds expression in improved examination performance.  Keeping in mind the above sentiments, it is reasonable to expect the highest levels of co-operation from (a) the students (b) the parents/guardians and (c) the school.

Homework can be classified into five categories:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Revision
  • Research

Recommended times and study methods are outlined in Students Journal.

The students are required:

  • To accurately record each homework task in his/her homework journal.
  • To discharge the homework to the best of his/her ability
  • Present the journal to a parent/guardian for signing weekly.
  • To discuss homework difficulties with his/her subject teacher, class tutor or with any staff member with whom he/she feels comfortable.
  • If absent or on a school activity, the onus is on the student to find out class/homework on return to school.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to:

  • Support their son/daughter as much as possible in the completion of homework and provide an environment which is conducive to learning.
  • Monitor homework completion by the weekly signing of the homework journal.
  • Inform the school as early as possible where difficulties appear to exist.
  • Attend scheduled parent/teacher meetings to review child’s progress
  • Should a student be unable to complete homework a written explanation from parents is required.

The School /Teachers

  • Homework will be set and checked on a regular basis.
  • Each class teacher will devise a reasonable system for addressing non-completion of homework, e.g. warning, extra help, new deadline set, teachers own detention at break and lunch time, etc.
  • Each instance of non-completion of homework to be recorded in student’s journal and in subject teacher’s Year Book.
  • If this does not work, the class teacher will bring the student’s journal to the Year Head’s attention   – Incident Sheet not to be used at this stage.
  • The Year Head will speak to the student and report back to the class teacher.
  • Should a further incidence of non-completion of homework occur the teacher will inform the Year Head who will then contact the parents to discuss the issue.
  • If the problem persists the Year Head will bring the matter to the Deputy Principal or the Principal where a variety of pastoral and/or discipline options will be considered.

Passed by the Board of Management at its meeting on 1st December, 2006