CBA and AT Timetables 18/19

Timetable of CBA’s in 2nd Year

Business Studies English Science
Januaryto May 2019 CBA1 Business in Action

Mon 4th Mar – Fri 12th


CBA1 Oral Communication

Fri 29th April – Fri 20th  May

CBA1 Extended Experimental Investigation

Fri 4th March – Fri 12th April

  French Visual Art Gaeilge
  CBA1 – Oral Communication

Monday 29th April – Fri 17th May

CBA1 – From Process to Realisation

Mon 7th January – Fri 12th April


No CBA in 2nd Year

Timetable of CBA’s in 3rd Year

Business Studies English Science
Nov 2018 to Jan 2019 CBA2 – Presentation Mon 12th Nov – Fri 7th Dec CBA2 Collection of Texts

Completed for Fri 30th Nov

CBA2 Science in Society Investigation

Fri 7th Dec – Fri 25th Jan

Timetable of AT’s in 3rd Year

Business Studies English Science
Dec 2018 to Feb 2019 AT Based on CBA2

Latest date: Fri 14th Dec

AT Based on CBA2

Mon 3rd  – Fri 7th Dec

AT Based on CBA2

Latest date: Fri 1st Feb